RBMA presents



  • Thursday 16 20:00 - 20:35

    SonarComplex by Red Bull Music Academy - Kaldalón

AAIIEENN is the brainchild of composer and musician Hallmar Gauti Halldórsson. Using modular synthesis, AAIIEENN is all about experimentation and entertainment of creating weird jagged polyrhythms, complex sound textures and minimalistic structures. The influential base that informs his work came from Halldórsson's exposure to math rock, ambient music, and harsh noise during his elementary school days in western Iceland, where being exposed to weird time signatures, melodies, and wild ambient soundscapes completely captured his attention.
Setting up the DIY label Rimar Tracks with his friend Hrafnkell Lindal (aka Decanter) AAIIEENN released a split EP in March 2016. Titled dubbed Asymptotes, AAIIEENN invokes ambient soundscapes and reverb drenched melodies that can only remind you of an Icelandic winter and snowy landscapes. His newest record, Vertices, released in November 2016 on FALK records, develops new modular textures, where he dives head first into polyrhythmic techno, rich harmonics, and ambient landscapes.
Along with his recorded output, AAIIEENN's live shows are comprised of vivid and receptive visuals amongst dark aesthetic along a bespoke audio visual display that links his music to various mathematical algorithms.