Alvia Islandia


  • Saturday 18 22:00 - 22:40

    SonarHall by LG G5 - Nordurljós

There's no disputing that Alvia's tunes bang and she's a brilliant performer. But it's also evident in the way she speaks, her word choice and sentence structure. She's attempting to bring the neon frenzied feel of her music into her daily life. Or perhaps, it's the other way around.

YO I Blow! Elegant hoe. Poppin fo Show -Another level loco. Like Jessica Rabbit on ACID * when my mind go slow'n my heart beat low you know you know I'm chewy chewy blow on my Bubblegum mmmmh yumYum –

HubbaBubba GumGumClan is whats up! mia mia Bubblegum Bitch

spinnin mistery from Mercury Yes this set will make u spin , Squat WINWIN

like my main hype chica ValaCrunk aka HelgaBling #SALLY