• Friday 17 21:30 - 22:30

    SonarLab - Car Park

Casanova the mixologist from the land of fire and ice is a legend on the turntables since 1997. Musically influence by classical , rock and roll and hip hop. Reminiscing one album which stands out called „Straight Out Of The Jungle“ by Jungle Brother‘s. On this colossal album a track called „I House You“ made a strong impact and this activated his adoration for house music. With his electric fusion of techno house vibrations, his style is second to none. This Icelandic established dj has an distinctive style which brings everyone abundance of pleasure on the dancefloors.

Casanova is a member of the purebread Icelandic underground group called Træangular, whome have brought down entire regiments with their repetitive techno trot.

Casanova being a observant groove ambassador will undoubtedly embody and fuse the music community world wide.