• Friday 17 20:50 - 21:25

    SonarComplex by Red Bull Music Academy - Kaldalón

Even though originally formed in 2012 as a thrash metal/disco duo, Cyber is now known as the rap duo and ongoing musical project of Bleach Pistol/Sick Roma (Salka Valsdóttir) and JuniorCheese/YNG NICK (Jóhanna Rakel). The band was named after a lipstick that both members found themselves owning when they became best friends in their sixteens. Now they have released their debut EP named 'Crap' which contains 7 tracks, some of them pumped, some of them sad and nostalgic but all of them a bit weird. The duo has gotten recognition for their work with Reykjavíkurdætur where they released tracks such as 'Hæpið' and 'Fiðringur'. As for their Sónar debut performance they promise a brilliant performance as well as a sick show. These two have been non stop creatively since long before they can remember and with two new members in the group all hell will break lose if the security is not quick enough!