• Thursday 16 22:00 - 23:00

    SonarLab - Car Park

Frímann has been spreading the deep, funky and crunchy sounds of techno for many years. He started djing in 1987 in school events and later organized rave and warehouse parties before playing in clubs. Influenced by UKs early hardcore/drum and bass scene he became one of the main DJs playing that sound in Iceland. In those years a radio show called Party zone started and he played there on regular basis and soon he became known to the dance music culture. In the early years Frímann used the alias DJ Psycho but with him turning to another music style the alias was left behind.

In 1993 Frímann turned his focus onto techno and became known for his tight sets and pioneering sounds. Frímann has grown with the club culture in Iceland, playing all the major clubs and with many of the international djs that have played in the domestic clubs. He also hosted his own radio show, Vírus for a few years and introduced new talent to the scene. Around the millennium he started a collaboration with his long time friend, dj Arnar. Those legendary nights that started at Club Thomsen are called Hugarástand (state of mind) and are still going strong. This dj-duo combined techno and house music and the outcome filters the best of both music styles. Today Frímann plays various forms of techouse as long as it is deep´n funky ;)