• Friday 17 21:00 - 21:40

    SonarClub by Tuborg - Silfuberg

Icelandic electronica trio Samaris have come a long way since they first formed, five years ago, during the nadir of a dark, frozen Icelandic winter. Producer Þórður "Doddi" Steinþórsson, clarinetist Áslaug Magnúsdóttir and singer and multi-instrumentalist Jófríður Ákadóttir came together in a musical experiment that would lead them to places they couldn't have imagined.

The band developed a mesmerising live show, catching the attention of One Little Indianduring a daytime café show in Reykjavík. After a compilation of their early EPs, the debut album—'Silkidrangar'—followed, and Samaris set about introducing themselves to audiences outside of their homeland's black shore. The continuous travel, and playing shows in different, unfamiliar places—from packed nightclubs in some of the world's biggest cities, to large-scale open-air festivals in front of crowds of thousands—was eye-opening for the young Icelandic trio. It culminated in a deepened musical understanding, and a sibling-like personal connection.

At some point during their travels, the decision was made to switch to English language lyrics. The resulting album is an exciting, invigorated new Samaris who—perhaps ironically, given the shift away from their native tongue—are expressing themselves more fluently than ever before. And they're no longer an unknown quantity: this time, the world is waiting.