Resident Advisor

Cassy b2b Yamaho


  • Saturday 17 02:00 - 04:00


Exclusive b2b set by local legend Yamaho and the sensational Cassy.

Sónar ReykjavÌk 2018 puts two unique and interesting DJs and selectors behind the mixer: the local legend Yamaho, and the sensational Cassy. Together they will offer a four handed exclusive b2b session. If we take into account their tastes and skills we can expect a set of great quality and extensive joy.

Cassy is a strong, independent and unique individual whose feminine power and sensitive musical flow delivers diverse techno with soul, warmth, elegance and a touch of mystery. Born in England and raised in Austria, Cassy has been a leading figure from the vibrant Berlin scene and resident of the legendary Panorama Bar and all across Europe. An honest, true and powerful feminine force Cassy is an artist who knows and speaks her mind and stands strong as a unique inspiration in dance music. And that translates to her dancefloor sets.

The same goes for Yamaho, real name Natalie G. Gunnarsdóttir, a DJ from Reykjavik who began playing around 2000 at the legendary ReykjavÌk bar, Sirkus. She has remained in high demand ever since, having also played in Ibiza, Barcelona and many European clubs and venues. Even though her focus has been on Reykjavik the last two years she played at the techno institute Berghain/Panorama bar last year where she delvered a 4 hour set of hypnotic sounds. Her sets typically oscillate between the two eminent pillars of electronic dance music, Chicago house and Detroit techno, from where she weaves her hypnotic and technically minded sets. Her main focus is to connect with the audience and create something new. 

And that is exactly what Sónar ReykjavÌk will do with this exclusive b2b set, a new and unique dance music experience.