Resident Advisor


Thule / IS

  • Friday 16 20:30 - 21:30


Veteran of Icelandic techno

Ísar Logi Arnarsson, better known as Cold garnered widespread attention in the mid-nineties with his track 'Strobelight Network' on the very first output from Thule Records, championed by German techno legend, Sven Väth, as his closing record at Love Parade in Berlin 1995.

Cold, however, disappeared from the international music scene. Though focused on various other projects, his ambitions for music was never far away. While regularly performing in clubs in downtown ReykjavÌk, he developed his unique style of minimalistic techno. 

The signature sounds of Cold are playful tribal grooves, ruff basslines and atmospheric sounds. He tries hard not to be limited to any specific formulas and manages in that way to successfully create his own distinctive sound. Constantly evolving his production skills and questioning the things around him.

Active again in 2017 with two EP's on Thule Records and ∆ Records, shoves Cold is still on the forefront of the Icelandic techno scene.