Resident Advisor


Lagaffe Tales / IS

  • Saturday 17 22:30 - 23:30


Deep and creative house

In a small valley between two mountains in the Icelandic Westfjords, you can find the source of creativity for the now Berlin based Icelandic DJ and producer, Jónbjörn. These influences can be heard in his explorations across genres with a mix of 90s IDM, Acid Breaks to the soft and mellow influences of deeper house vibes. 

For the past five years Jónbjörn, along with his friend Viktor Birgiss, has been running the Reykjavík based record label, Lagaffe Tales. In this time the label has grown from being a fun project between friends to become one of the main pillars in the Icelandic house scene, being a focal point for Icelandic talent on the international stage. As well as being an accomplished DJ, performing in Berlin, Vienna, Munich to festivals such as Secret Solstice and Sonar Reykjavik, the last couple of years has seen Jónbjörn carving out a solo career both as a graphic designer, and music producer developing a sound of his own. After developing the much coveted Húsverk project (Consisting of a book and 12-inch mixed EP of Icelandic house music), he got back on track in 2017 releasing the EP Buffy on the Czech label Neo Violence, as well as a 12-inch split vinyl release Eastern Split EP with D.KO Records.

The beginning of 2018 sees Jónbjörn continuing his reign of quality with a forthcoming release on Icelandic experimental electronic label FALK Records. It’s clear that Jónbjörn is an exciting fresh artist you should be keeping an eye out for.