Red Bull Music Academy


Hyperdub / UK

  • Saturday 17 22:10 - 22:50


Reconstructing Pop

South London-based musician Klein is an artist whose neoteric vision has seen her quickly become one of the UK's most intriguing and unpinnable producers and performers. Her often playful and restive approach to composition is instantly alluring, with samples of obscure Nigerian B-movies clattering into jagged beats and distant piano loops lurking in the haze whilst beguiling vocals fade in and out of the sensory world she has created. 
In 2017, Klein released her debut on Hyperdub, Tommy, the deepest plunge yet into the 'dark ocean' of her musical imagination. There's a lot of bluster about originality in contemporary UK music, but Klein rises from the noise as a creative voice who, by her very nature, plays with the construct of what pop is.