Red Bull Music Academy

Kode9 x Kōji Morimoto AV

Hyperdub / UK

  • Friday 16 00:30 - 01:10


The Hyperdub boss presents a live set inspired by Japanese video game music

The Hyperdub boss presents a live set inspired by Japanese video game music, with visuals by a legendary animator. 

Kode9 vibrates parts other DJs can only dream of. His early DJ sets and radio shows helped spread the South London sound internationally in the 2000s, and his sets now weave together an unpredictable, bass-heavy mix drawing musically from further afield. In this live A/V show, the man otherwise known as Steve Goodman will present a new performance inspired by Japanese video game music and set to visuals created by Kōji Morimoto, the legendary Japanese animator whose work on films like Magnetic Rose and Dimension Bomb have earned him a cult following around the world. Whether through his depictions of majestic landscapes or elaborate cyberpunk alleyways, Morimoto's own distinctive sci-fi styled methodologies and expressions twist together the real world with alternate realities in unexpected ways, providing a perfect accompaniment to Kode9's unclassifiable output.

Goodman will be joined by the multitalented Tom Scholefield, AKA Konx-om-Pax, on visuals. Tom has done artwork for Jamie Lidell, Underground Resistance and Oneohtrix Point Never, set up his own studio, established the Display Copy label and released his own music on Planet Mu. As part of the touring Diggin' In The Carts project, Konx-Om-Pax will rework the visuals of Streets of Rage 2 & 3 and The Revenge of Shinobi, and put a spin on legendary animator Koji Morimoto's work.