• Friday 16 23:55 - 00:55


Northern Space Disco

Like one of his endlessly building tracks, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is only moving further upwards. On Hans-Peter Lindstrøm’s latest album, It's Alright Between Us As It Is, those northern disco lights are twinkling once more. Over the continuous stream of nine interlocked tracks, he’s refined his love of arpeggiated synths, warm and steamy analogue bubble baths and earworm melodies into his most rounded and complete statement to date. 

A Norwegian based in Oslo, Lindstrøm has always made a virtue of his obsessive work ethic, turning his city centre studio (where his neighbours include friends and collaborators Prins Thomas, Todd Terje and Andre Bratten) into a factory floor for churning out monster tracks, then punching out regularly and going home to his family. This is about music being woven seamlessly into the fabric of life. 

It's Alright Between Us As It Is aggregates all the best elements from Lindstrøm's long and varied career. Most of all it reveals him as a masterful mood sculptor, with heart-stopping chord changes rolling over his relentlessly uplifting beats. 
Once you’re strapped into Lindstrøm’s driverless vehicle, you won’t want to get out. It’s all right as it is. In fact, it’s more than all right: it’s almost nearly perfect.