Red Bull Music Academy



  • Saturday 17 20:30 - 21:10


Reinventing Gospel

After spending years studying as a classical vocalist, Baltimore-born artist serpentwithfeet spent time drifting around Paris and London before eventually landing in NYC. It was here that his music–a beautiful confluence of gospel and classically-inflected electronica–began to truly take shape. “I decided in 2012 or in 2013 that I didn't want a band anymore,” he recalls, “I was like, ‘What would happen if I did my R&B thing over this classical shit?’” Given that he credits both Brandy and Bjork as inspirations, it’s not surprising that serpentwithfeet treads a fine line between emotive gospel and more left-of-center stylings, and that similarly forward-thinking label Tri Angle took an interest and released his debut EP, Blisters, in 2016. With a gloriously outré personal style and penchant for the dramatic, serpentwithfeet is a true original.