SónarSpil Workshop: Build Your Own Controller

Wednesday / March 14 / 10:00-17:00 / 5th floor of Harpa

Design and build your own custom controller using an Arduino micro-computer and a wide array of tactile inputs and sensors. Customize the controller to do whatever you please - be it with music, lights or video - and integrate it with your existing audio/visual setup through MIDI. All modules created during the workshop will be linked up afterwards to create a super-controller interfacing with the lights of Harpa.

Lead by Roger Calaf and Owen Hindley.

Material cost: 4,500 ISK.

Extremely limited space - register asap.


Roger Calaf is a creative technologist with a passion for electronics, engineering and art. Based in Barcelona, he works on improving the human side of technology through product development, multi-sensory input and interaction design.

Owen Hindley works with software, sound and electronics to make experiences for VR, installations, games, performances & the web. He is the co-founder of both Horizons Studio, making music-centered VR experiences, and Huldufugl, creating immersive theatrical environments.

Sónarspil is brought to you by Origo with the support of Opstart and the City of Reykjavík.