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Atmospheres through melody

Yagya, real name Aðalsteinn, was born in Kópavogur, Iceland, in 1976.  His first release, 'Hérna', was released on a cassette by the Icelandic label Fire Inc. in 1994. Around the same time he met Thor (Þórhallur Skúlason) and they formed the band Sanasol, releasing deep house music on Hey babe! and Thule Music. 

Inspired by artists such as GAS and Mauritzio the Yagya moniker was born when Aðalsteinn created the album Rhythm of Snow. The album was released by Force Inc. in 2002 and was critically acclaimed and loved by fans. (Due to popular demand and unusually high resale price Rhythm of Snow was reissued in 2012 by Subwax Bcn on CD, vinyl and digital.) A few years later Yagya’s 'Will I Dream During the Process?' was released in 2006 by the Dutch label Sending Orbs.  

Yagya’s third album 'Rigning', was released by Sending Orbs, in 2009. Rigning was critically acclaimed and regarded by many as an instant classic. After Rigning, Yagya dreamt of experimenting with vocals and soon started working on his album 'The Inescapable Decay of My Heart'. It was released in August 2012 by the Japanese label Kilk Records and distributed by Darla worldwide. His fifth album, 'Sleepygirls', was released by Delsin Records in May 2014, where he infuses repetitive, atmospheric dub techno with occasional jazz improvisation and gentle Japanese vocals. 'Stars and dust' was also released by Delsin at the end of 2016, where Yagya once again visited dreamy landscapes, this time infusing the atmosphere with gentle piano melodies and occasional wordless vocals. 
New releases await from Yagya, with more organic and straightforward techno.