SónarSpil brings audio/visual experimentation to Reykjavík

Workshops, unexpected audio/visual pairings, interactive light installations and an 'art-cade' of forward-thinking a/v experiences are among the events planned as part of the new SónarSpil a/v sidebar programme at Sónar Reykjavík. All aim to spark a fire of creativity at the intersection of art and technology.


Learn to build your own MIDI controller, to use LED lights expressively or the basics of VJing. Try your hand at manipulating audio or video using the forthcoming WAVE controller from Genki Instruments. Visit other worlds via VR or get lost in labyrinthine generative internet art. Play with the lights on the enormous façade of Harpa using the Sónarspil Super-Controller.


Sónar will also act as the venue for the first meet-up of NAVA - Nordic Audiovisual Artists. Four outstanding VJs were chosen from a heap of portfolios to come and perform in Reykjavík and share their experiences and challenges. All Nordic VJs are welcome to take part in the meet-up and help build a stronger community for audiovisual artists in the region.


SónarSpil is brought to you by Origo with the support of Opstart and the City of Reykjavík. VR equipment provided by VIGA.


SónarSpil Workshop: Build Your Own Controller

Wednesday, March 14th at 10:00-17:00

Design and build your own custom controller using an Arduino micro-computer and a wide array of tactile inputs and sensors. Customize the controller to do whatever you please - be it with music, lights or video - and integrate it with your existing audio/visual setup through MIDI. All modules created during the workshop will be linked up afterwards to create a super-controller interfacing with the lights of Harpa. Lead by Roger Calaf and Owen Hindley.

Material cost: 4,500 ISK.

Extremely limited space - register ASAP

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Sónarspil Workshop: LED Mapping and Expressive Lighting

Thursday, March 15th at 10:00-17:00

Learn to create your own interactive and scalable lighting installations with two powerful tools. The ProtoPixel ecosystem of hardware and software makes dynamic control of light easier than ever. When joined with modular construction studio Pipecraft, the two offer a very affordable DIY solution pushing your wildest LED-dreams to realization. Furthermore, participants in the workshop are offered to help build a light installation housing a modular super-controller for Harpa's lights. Lead by Olle Bjerkås and Jonas Johansson.

Material cost: 4,500 ISK.

Extremely limited space - register ASAP

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Sónarspil Workshop: VJing and Visuals for Beginners

Friday, March 16th at 14:00-17:00

An introduction to the world of live visuals, interactive installations and VJ culture through the use of Resolume Arena. Geared towards beginners but open to everyone. Lead by Jonas Johansson. Free of charge but registration required!

Before arriving:

  • Download and install Resolume Arena (https://resolume.com/download/) and MPEG Streamclip (http://www.squared5.com/) on your own laptop.
  • Bring your own laptop.
  • Consider a few clips - original or found - that you want to play with.

Limited space - register ASAP

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SónarSpil Super-Controller

Friday March 16th & Saturday March 17th at 20:00-02:00

Get creative with Harpa's lights using the SónarSpil Super-Controller. Partly built from modules created in Wednesday's workshop, the controller allows the public to tweak the lights on Harpa's façade in all sorts of unpredictable ways.

SónarSpil Art-cade

Friday March 16 & Saturday March 17th at 20:00-23:30

A carefully curated selection of web-based art, VR experiences and expressive controllers.

Expressive Controller:

VR Experiences:

Web/Screen Art & Games: