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No excuses.

Auður has earned a reputation for making unconventional ways in the release of his music, from catching his music Pokemon Go style to the golden ticket Willy Wonka style, but this time he took it the next level and released a surprise album “AFSAKANIR” (translated Excuses) which is a raw, original and incredible bold piece of pop music. This is an honest and beautiful approach to heartbreaking and deeply intimate details of the end of a long term relationship and battles with mental illness.

It was chosen as the album of the year by KRAUMUR and the very same day Auður released his short film by the same name as his album, “AFSAKANIR”. The music video / short film will be available on his official VEVO channel.
This was an album and film that had to be made in his native tongue, and next year, Auður will embark on releasing his first international release with Sony Music but he signed a recording deal with them earlier this year.

The future is bright for this talented artist and it's just a matter of when, not if, he will hit the big stage across the globe.