Resident Advisor

Bruce b2b Árni


  • Saturday 27 01:00 - 02:30


The British and Icelandic future of dance music join their forces.

Sónar ReykjavÌk 2019 puts two interesting and very up-and-coming djs behind the mixer: a key figure in Iceland’s bass scene, Árni, and the creator of one of 2018’s best techno albums, Bruce. Together they will offer a four handed exclusive b2b session. If we take into account their tastes and skills we can expect a set of great quality and extensive joy.

Bruce's music operates at all speeds without any predictable formula. Some tracks stutter and thump with cybernetic power; others flutter and glide in poignant shades of blurring colour. It͛s a fragmented, low-frequency meltdown, evocative shimmers of light emanating from the cracks. Sometimes what you're listening to is suddenly scraped off and wiped away, leaving only silence as you blink in disbelief.  

McCarthy͛s hyperactive and surreal humour allows him to recreate the process of converting experimental abstraction into exhilarating energy when he͛s performing as a DJ. His nuanced dancefloor approach has already taken him on tour as far as the US and Japan. He further explores his own marriage of heartfelt music and daft humour via his monthly Noods Radio show, ͚Get Loose! With Bruce,͛ coyly lassoing together various sonic phenomena that inspire his music.

Árni E. Guðmundsson, better known as Árni, is a key part of the Icelandic bass scene and has established himself as one of Reykjavík's top DJ's. His love for vinyl and turntables knows no boundaries, demanding the best sound and equipment at every gig. 

Árni’s inimitable style and energy has brought him to clubs across Europe (most recently Tresor). He is also co-host of the infamous radio programme Plútó on FM Xtra- and If you've seen him play out, you'll have heard his perfectly crafted vinyl mixes taking you on a true sonic journey of fast mixing, teasing and even 3-decking.