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  • Friday 26 00:20 - 01:00

    SonarComplex by Origo

Exploring the outer boundaries of techno

Dynkur is the artistic alias of Thordur Arnarson. Through Dynkur he explores the outer boundaries of techno. Through all of his explorations and interactions with sound Thordur has been looking for interesting fusions and synergies of moods and styles. Dynkur represents the raw and gritty side of Thordur’s sound where frequencies are pushed to their limits to create a mesh of sounds that organically interact with each other.
The elements of exploration, uncertainty and improvisation are an intricate part of Dynkur’s music where beats and textures are morphed together into a unique blend. Dynkur manages to incorporate all of these elements not only in his recordings but also in his live shows where improvisation and adaptation are at the forefront and the full sonic experience is felt.

Dynkur’s debut release, Tschüssi, is forthcoming on FALK in 2019.