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  • Saturday 27 21:10 - 21:40


Kef Lavík emerged from the darkness late 2013 and set the tone for their later works with the robotic, surreal and mysterious single ‘Í sjálfum mér’, still their most prominent song. An instant hit, ‘Í sjálfum mér’ spread from Hornafjörður, Kef Lavík's hometown all over Iceland in the next two years, when they finally released their debut Kuldinn er fínn. Their themes range from drug-induced honesty, darkness and mystery, and stories of suppressed emotions bursting out through hurtful conversations and malicious actions. Alongside their more ambitious works of 3 EPs, Kef Lavík also released multiple singles, a few music videos and acquired somewhat of a 'cult' status in Reykjavik.