Little Dragon

Ninja Tune / SE

  • Saturday 27 22:00 - 23:00


Lose track and dance.

Scandinavian luminaries Little Dragon will play their debut show in Iceland at Sónar Reykjavík 2019. A show that was long overdue after the band's stellar career that has been flying high for more than a decade.

Little Dragon have long seen their sounds as a way out of reality, which can be heard on their new EP, ‘Lover Chanting’, the band’s first release after signing with Ninja Tune. 
Little Dragon wanted to bring new music into the world that has an airy and fun lightness to it. The album is about the force of love, not only between two people but the force of love in this universe as the ultimate ecstasy. Whether that is while you’re dancing at a disco forgetting where you are or just staring at the moon on a clear night. And that's what Little Dragon makes you do; you lose track in the most beautiful sense. 

Little Dragon's music and live shows are for all the lovers out there. Scream and chant along! Dance for peace and unity in this world of madness.