Lucius Works Here + Oxlabb


  • Saturday 27 22:20 - 23:00

    SonarComplex by Origo

Avant-garde transfer to the digital age.

Lucius Works Here is Shakira Benavides, personality of the Barcelona underground since the 90s, thanks to her indispensable work during 25 years in Wah Wah Records store, her dj sessions for more than two decades in festivals and clubs, and her continuous incursions in television and radio.
In 2004 she started as Lucius Works Here composing alternative soundtracks for theater and audiovisual festivals. With this project she has played at several festivals in Spain. Oxlabb, audiovisual designer and passionate experimental video producer.

Since 2010 he has accompanied the Lucius Works Here musical project in the visual field. Influenced by the great classics of experimental cinema, Maya Deren, Jan Svankmajer, Val del Omar, Richtner, and above all Oskar Fischinger. Try to transfer to the digital age, that avant-garde and reflective spirit of the middle of the last century.