President Bongo & Óttar S.

Radio Bongo / IS

  • Friday 26 21:30 - 22:10

    SonarComplex by Origo

A cacophony of emotions and feelings.

An interesting and exciting collaboration between ex-GusGus member, President Bongo, and composer, Óttar Sæmundsson, titled Quadrantes.
Three may be a mystical number and seven a holy one, but two and four and sixteen and so-forth are the numbers of science and rationality. When deprived of instruments, only with logic at hand, it is but natural to split our subjects in two, to split them again and again, until the desired number or amount is reached or can be added up from the newly created parts. So they divide a circle, first in half, then again, into four equal parts – into quadrants. 
The precision of the quadrants is attractive so they experiment. Some cycles are longer than others but they all revolve at the same speed and thus exciting, infectious polyrhythms are created. 
A cacophony of emotions and feelings. Hundreds of hearts, sometimes beating in time, sometimes singing in harmony; all spread across the horizon, each happy or sad in his or her quadrant.