Richie Hawtin

minus / CA

  • Saturday 27 00:30 - 02:00


Techno pioneer makes his much anticipated Sónar Reykjavík debut.

It's with great pleasure that Sónar Reykjavík presents Richie Hawtin, a genuine original, for its 2019 edition of the festival. Hawtin's critical acclaim spans the creative realm of the fine art community to the technological vanguard. Meanwhile, as a performing artist, he is constantly pushing conceptual frontiers, moving things forward, welcoming as many as he can to ideas and experiences that would have seemed pure science fiction when he began his career.
Hawtin is British-born and Canadian-raised. He is the business mind behind Plus8 and MINUS Records, and, of course, he is Plastikman, perhaps that most of all, electronic musician par excellence.
With Hawtin a new era is usually just around the corner. In January, 2016, he called an end to ENTER. in Ibiza, driven by his desire to focus his attention on an array of new projects. He has always changed yet always stayed the same, remaining true to his core ideas but driving forward at speed to see what he can achieve. 
Richie Hawtin will, as ever, be revelling in the possibilities of whatever comes next. And what will happen at Sónar Reykjavík 2019 is for you to find out.