Who will be refunded?
Everyone who bought a ticket will be refunded.

How will I be refunded if I bought a ticket via Stubhub?
If you bought your ticket via Stubhub click here for more information. Also, you will receive a personal email with more details.

How will I be refunded if I bought a ticket via Harpa.is or Tix.is?
Tickets bought via Harpa.is or Tix.is will be refunded automatically. Please allow for a few days before your credit card/account is credited. You will receive a personal email with details about the procedure and more information.

Can I get money back for my hotel/AirBnB?
Please redirect your inquiry to your hotel/host.

Why is the festival cancelled?
The unexpected bankruptcy of WOW Air has affected the travel plans of up to half of all Sónar Reykjavík ticket-holders, while numerous artists scheduled to perform have been severely affected or cancelled. This, compounded by an extremely delicate local situation in Iceland, has regrettably meant that Sónar Reykjavik cannot guarantee the same calibre of experience we have provided over the last six years, both for artists and fans. In light of this, and given the short amount of time remaining until the festival, we are faced with no other choice but to announce its cancellation for this year.